Polifix 2 Plus


When it comes to performance, this weighty ground-mounted machine plays in the top league. Just like the steel housing, the three rotating brushes with an impressive diameter are extremely robust in design and well-suited for continuous use in shopping centres or highly frequented hotels. Unsurpassed top form is also reflected in the options of finishing for the housing: in high-gloss chrome makes, this powerhouse becomes invisible as it mirrors its surroundings, while in 24-carat gold it reflects pure luxury. Rely on a true star.

  • with bar incl. starter or with foot sensor and bow handle
Dimensions: 22″ x 12.5″ x 40″ (w x d x h)
Housing: Stainless steel (V2A) / Steel (coated)
Weight: 60 lbs
Features: Horsehair pre-cleaning brush
Pre-cleaning brush ø 9 in
2 Polishing brushes ø 9 in
Polish dispenser 0.75 liters  (The polish is not included)
Starter: Foot sensor with timer
Power supply: 110 Volt
Motor: 60 Watt / 700 R/min