Polifix 3


This slender shoe cleaner thinks outside the box: shoe polish dispensers can be stored behind a lockable flap that opens the door to individual design: from coloured powder coatings to wood décors to embossed stainless steel. Bring a dependable worker on board.

  •  shallow depth
  • practical polish storage
Dimensions: 56 cm x 31 cm x 85 cm (w x d x h)
Housing: Steel (coated)
Weight: 33 kg net, 36 kg gross
Features: Horsehair pre-cleaning brush
Pre-cleaning brush ø 22 cm
2 Polishing brushes ø 22 cm
Polish dispenser 0.75 litres (The polish is not included)
Starter: Hand sensor with timer
Power supply: 230 Volt (110 Volt optional)
Motor: 60 Watt / 700 R/min