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US Supply Partner is a Heute-authorized distributor in the USA.
With the same offer of high-end shoe-polish and sole-cleaning machines set to the highest standard, we are proud to share this partnership.

Shoe Polish Machines
For the brainstorming session with the team. The luncheon with the board of directors. The presentation to the client. And for the trip to the theatre in the evening.
For law enforcement officers when they prepare for a day out in the field – to always look sharp for the community they serve.

Shoe Sole Cleaning Machines
Technical cleanness is gaining over growing importance in enterprises: Stricter regulations on labor safety, and maximum requirements on hygiene. Also the client demand for improved cleanliness – who really wants to buy contaminated products or packages or offer them for resale? And last, but not least, cleanliness in manufacturing plants, workshops, and stores, plays an important role for a positive image.

Shoe cleaning machines by HEUTE see to it that the day begins with a fresh shine.

From toe to heel – and from one ear to the other. And they are always and everywhere at your service, whenever a brilliant performance is expected. Our quiet servants are as varied as the people who use them. With a variety of characters and talents, and in outfits that range from classic to modern, they perform their tasks in the best buildings worldwide.
Heute shoe polish machines

Even back in the 18th century, French poet Honoré de Balzac wrote that a keen observer can always gain a sense of who he or she is dealing by glancing at that person‘s shoes.

While this may not be quite as easy any more in our age of sneakers, loafers and the used look, one factor still applies: Well-kept shoes simply bring more brilliance to their wearer’s personality.

Shoes complete and individualise our appearance – and they convey messages. Clean footwear conveys an appreciation of one‘s fellows and the situation at hand.

This has been our philosophy for more than 100 years. HEUTE shoe shine machines safeguard values and look after your good style.

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