Neptun SC1


A sole cleaner with 2½ advantages

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The sole cleaning machine Neptun SC1 (Sole Cleaner 1) combines 2 ½ important functions in compact space. The standard function enables wet cleaning of the soles of clogs, work shoes and boots. Dirt on top of the shoes can easily be washed off by the practical EasyClean function – a separate cleaning opening below the revolving brush.

The machine is to be preferred when boot cleaning is an exception. Bootlegs or plastic pants can be easily and effectively cleaned by means of the integrated handbrush. For this purpose, the handbrush is equipped with an individually controllable water inlet. To improve hygienic results, disinfectants or detergents can be fed. The connected supply tube can be individually adjusted to control the quantity of fed cleaning detergent. A stable and easy-to-reach platform is used to store the detergent container.

The Neptun SC1 is quickly cleaned without any additional tools. The switch cabinet is to be arranged on the wall behind the equipment. In this way, the cabinet is located outside of the wet and dirt areas.